We don't just rent bikes.


Go to a bike rental shop and you'll find bicycles, bike nerds in ripped rock shirts and a confusing array of spokes and greasy chains. Go to a sport rentals store and you'll get piles of patched equipment with bbq stains and campfire stench so strong your car will never recover. Come to River Wheels and you'll get something completely different. We ain't your ordinary bike rental shop, and we ain't no average-joe sports rental outfit either, we'll hook you up with a cool bike, and we'll show you why we love Calgary Canada.

We offer the perfect, summertime Calgary experience.

You don't have to be a gearhead or an athlete to enjoy the beautiful river pathways or the new bike lanes that make Calgary such a unique and awesome place. We'll rent you a bike, show you where to go, what to do and all the places to eat, see and be seen, and check out in Calgary on your hot, rented blue wheels.

We want to help both tourists, and locals alike, discover the that Calgary has to offer.

Let us introduce you to local businesses, amazing ice cream, cool coffee spots and other hidden gems. We take the guesswork out of finding where to go for a fun afternoon. We take the hassle of researching the places to see in Calgary. Furthermore, we take the exhaustion and planning out of finding fun family activities in Calgary.

Try out a new way to experience bike rentals, get that perfect good selfie, treat the kidlets to some Ice Cream or share a romantic moment.  That's what we're all about.


Our Fleet 


Cool, but Why the Folding Bike?


Ever heard of the Talking Heads? The lead singer of that band is named David Byrne and he's been travelling around the world for years and getting a bike rental. Once he discovered the folding bike however, along with his guitar, David wouldn't leave home without it.  He would always give himself time to tour each city he visits on two wheels. In 2009 David Byrne released the book "Bicycle Diaries." Convinced that urban cycling opens one's eyes to the inner workings and rhythms of a city's geography and population, the book is a chronicle of his observations and insights, from atope a bike, in cities all over the world. (Not Calgary Canada, but his loss really.)

"Seeing cities from on top of a bike is both pleasurable and instructive"

David writes.  "On a bike, one sees a lot more than from a freeway, and often it’s just as fast as car traffic in many towns.” We wholeheartedly agree. Bike rentals and tours give riders the opportunity to "take it all in" while actively participating in creating their own experience. That's one of the reasons that we created River Wheels.

All of the original names for Calgary referred to it being located where the two rivers converged.

We love urban cycling , but even more, we love providing you with a convenient bike rental to you so you can enjoy the Calgary river pathways on a unique set of wheels, hassle-free. Calgary, Canada was founded because it is the place where two rivers - The Bow and the Elbow - meet. These beautiful rivers provide not only a great chance to rent a raft and float along but also they are a convenient pathway system that take riders through the whole inner city.  The views alongside the Bow river blend urban skyscapes with lush, beautiful parks and the ever unforgetable Alberta skies.

Take a page out of David's Book. Try out one of these awesome bike rentals and experience the city of Calgary in a whole new way.

"Psycho Killer, Qu'es que c'est?"
Ride with us through Calgr-yay!